Blind Embossing

Blind embossing is the process of creating a raised, unprinted image, the result of contrasting level and texture. The best images are achieved using textured stocks. When embossing on textured presentation folder stock, the image is not only raised but smoother than the background, improving contrast with a subtle but elegant appearance. 

Illustration of the single level embossing process

Single Level

Single level embossing requires simple black and white artwork and is the least expensive. This embossed logo, combined with matte silver foil stamped text, adds a nice contrast to the front of this impressive presentation folder.


Multi-Level embossing creates more than one dimension or depth and requires artwork separated by level. Images with intricate designs are better reproduced with this process as overlapping elements are separated by level.


Sculptured embossing is the most suitable for organic design since elements are not assigned specific levels but are cut on gradients. Sculptured embossing gives the artist maximum control.

The front cover of your presentation folder makes your first and most memorable impression, a great place to make a wise business investment.