Sales Trends 2019 – Cold Calls?

Recently I read an article on B2B Community about lead generation trends for 2019. This “trend” confirmes what our clients have known all along. A projected significant shift for the coming year is “The Return of The Cold Call.” They qualify the claim a bit by calling it a “warm call.” However, their point is well made… It’s really about relationships. For years, we’ve known that you don’t simply build a website, optimize for social media, go “all-digital,” and then expect to maintain long-term professional relationships. Cultivating the “relationship” is the essential element. 

The “paperless” society has been predicted for as long as I can remember. Newsprint and print magazines have taken a hit for sure, but research has shown that the production of printed presentation materials designed for one-on-one communication continues to grow. Printed promotional and educational material has traditionally been an invaluable tool in the process of interpersonal business relationships, and the trend continues. The exchange of physical, tactile modes of information will always be an efficient part of B2B sales. That’s why we believe successful professionals will continue to promote their businesses with quality presentation folders. read more